Key Events for First Years: 

  • Resume Help
  • Skating & Karaoke night
  • Kings Ball
  • Off-Campus BBQ
  • Coffee House
  • Clubs week
  • Cultural festival
  • Pub nights



  • The Write Place: provides essay and research assistance. 
  • Professor can be a great resource. See them in office hours. 
  • Tune into your faculty clubs. Clubs like the psychology club and the BMOS clubs offer review sessions. 
  • Follow your off-campus dons and King's o-week on facebook. 


Tips and Tricks from your OC DONS

  • Roadside parking: Tickets will always be given out after 2 hours but after 6:00pm it is a free for all. 
  • Forget your phone or laptop charger? Don’t worry, head to the libraries front desk to book out what you need.
  • Event tickets will be sold at king’s connection
  • Most, if not all, Event posters are hung up in the games room so if you have questions about any event and for some reason nobody else answers your questions, come and check out the poster for the basic info.
  • JOIN ‘FREE FOOD AT KINGS’GROUP! Provides info about any food that may be given out to the students for free after some events.
  • Be aware of your midterm dates so you can plan out your studying.